Self Indulgence

Human Beings have always been arrogant self indulging ass weasels. Rau-og-ga, the first to discover fire pranced about like a circus clown, waving fire over his head until he caught his hair on fire and his friends dumped him head first into the river.  Sadly, they had not discovered the link between air and breathing so Rau expired after the first five minutes under water.

But no one could have predicted that the internet, computers and digital smartphones could propel the entire human race to Olympic levels of self indulgence and ass weaselry.



Evidence number 1) The “Selfie” Stick.

Evidence number 2) Search Amazon for selfie stick and you will see pages and pages of various possibilities. You can view selfie sticks until the cows come home! And even after half of them shower and read the evening paper!

Just try to look up the word “humble” in any modern dictionary. It has been removed. No one had a definition for it anymore.

What selfie stick has been stuck up my butt to get me this riled up? Movie review sites, especially Rotten Tomatoes. Zipping through the 9,732 possible crappy movies on cable to watch, I often would look them up online to try to get an idea about the flick.  I immediately skip the “professional critics” as they define the term Ass Weasel more than most. I would read the audience reviews, thinking I might get a regular person’s take. Good luck. Everyone is a prima donna self indulging chimp. Some of these reviews are longer than the movie script! Don’t these people have jobs? The entire review is an exercise in self importance, how intellectual they can sound.

Everyone wants their own star on the Hollywood walk of fame.

I just want to watch a not so crappy movie.

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The chart below is made up. I am using it as an illustration. Let us assume that the scale below is measuring intelligence. You can see that most animals who share this planet with us Humans are not as smart as we are.

In fact, the gap is astounding! essentially, there is no comparison at all. Humans are immensely more intelligent than squirrels and crows. But does that mean we are indeed intelligent? Where does this scale top out? Technically a chimp is a great deal smarter than a snail, but then compare the chimp to Humans and it is game over.


  Unless……we see the full scale!intelligence02

   We are only comparing ourselves with the animals on this planet. We have no way of knowing what real intelligence might be. We are only looking on one planet in one galaxy in one universe! How the hell do we know what intelligence even is?

My theory is that the second chart is more accurate. Yes, we may be more intelligent than rocks and beavers. but we are far, far from being intelligent.

Essentially, we are dumb as can be, as a race.

If you keep this one theory in mind as you go through your day, observing people and the world, I am sure you will agree with me.



Self Help Bullshit

Freud, that well known Austrian neurologist from the late 1800’s and early 1900’s declared that people are either instinctively seeking pleasure or avoiding pain. This was termed the Pleasure Principle among other things. We do this without even realizing it. This is part of the animal programing all of us have inside.

I always thought that the driving force within us was food, shelter and sex.Basic animal needs. I guess the seeking of pleasure and the avoidance of pain could fit this. The two principles are just different ways of saying the same thing maybe.

Now comes along John Izzo, PhD and popular motivational speaker who says in his book, “The Five Secrets You Must Discover Before You Die” that Freud was totally wrong. He says that humans seek happiness and meaning instead.

This is dangerous. We know what pleasure is. It could be a nice nap in the afternoon, a rowdy game of rugby, or having sex. Of course, I’ve been told the way I have sex is often similar to a rugby game. But the point is that pleasure feels good. Happiness on the other hand, is far more complicated. The difference in asking someone,”Are you having fun?” versus “Are you happy?”

If it is Friday night after a week of work and I am at dinner with friends I could very well be having fun. But am I happy? Happiness has a footprint much larger than one evening out with friends.

So, with happiness a total mystery, let’s move on to “meaning”. What? Yeah. OK. Beats me. I think I like seeking pleasure and avoiding pain better.

I’m not sure if I should reveal one of the five secrets in his book or not, but I am going to do that.

“Be true to yourself.”

This is one of those common sayings that immediately after hearing it we all think we know what it means. But thinking about it later we are not so sure. On a primitive level, if someone just loves science and can’t get enough of it, being an accountant could mean they are not true to themselves. Or not. Is who we are really just the job we have? Or does the job we have allow us to be ourselves?

Surprisingly Dr. Izzo started out life as a minister in the Presbyterian church so I was hoping for a concept with a bit more spiritual meaning. Is all of life just about being happy and finding meaning? What if our meaning is incorrect? What if the Universe planed for us to live a rough life so that we could learn and grow spiritually? How does this book apply to the millions of people who live in primitive jungles, in poverty and misery far beyond what we can realize? I wonder if the local bookshop in these third world countries have a self help section? “10 ways to catch more worms for dinner than your neighbor”. “12 step to clean drinking water”.

Dr. Izzo is very good at making money through giving motivational speeches to corporate executives, and writing books with first grade theology to encourage us all to feel better. He makes sure he is politically correct and takes “secrets” from several primitive tribes of Africa and Canada. That is such a feel good kumbaya thing. However, I am not prone to taking life guidance from people who crap in the woods and have not invented toilet paper yet.

I’m just being true to myself.


Your mileage may and probably should vary.



When I was younger I was a left wing Democrat. Gary Hart was my guy. McGovern even.Hell, I voted FOR Bill Clinton in his first term. So, yeah, I was coo-coo-left.

Ever since that Clinton vote, I lived a right wing Republican life. I voted FOR Bush twice.

Now? Today?

Well, I don’t consider myself either of those labels. In fact, I dislike all labels. They divide society.

People are inherently lazy and it is easier to pull a political package off the self and buy it, lock stock and barrel. That is so much easier than thinking for oneself.

Many times I am asked about a particular social issue and my best answer is, “I don’t know.”

The Internet is filled with left wing sites twisting facts their way. And right wing sites twisting facts their way. I now no longer trust anyone. Period.

Where is the rational view? Where is honesty?

Not available on this planet these days, if it ever was.

Just my 2 cents. Your mileage could vary.