How America Solves Problems

If lost, sick people gun down random people in a mall or school, we try to ban guns.

If lost, sick people are racist and kill people they hate, we try to ban flags and guns.

Why are we not looking at the lost and sick people?

No one is asking what is causing this modern mostly American phenomena. Somehow, our small minds think that removing guns or flags will solve the problem. Once they are successful, they will find that lost sick people will use knives, swords, bombs, baseball bats to accomplish their objectives. What will we do then, ban baseball bats? Ban crock pots?

We have created a violent society. Almost all TV shows have plots that revolve around violence. Murder mysteries are on every network. Movies are filled with explicit violence. Best selling novels are the same. Do not even get me started on video games. They are the worse.  Music? Same. So, virtually every form of human expression is encased in pure violence.

On top of that, we have a society where whatever you feel is your reality. If you are a male but you feel female, then you are female. If you are white but you feel like an African-American, that you are. In Portland Oregon and other “progressive” places, if you feel like you have an animal soul such as a cat or beaver, then that is what you are. Forget gender neutral, these lost people are species neutral.

Is it any wonder we have sick lost people replicating scenes from their favorite movie or video game in real life?

While I have no problems (other than freedom of expression) with the confederate flag coming down, nor do I have any issues with moderate gun control, I don’t want society thinking these things will solve the problem. Flags are just colored cloth. Guns are just metal and plastic. It is the hearts of Americans that are the problem.

My 2 cents, your mileage may vary.




Blogging has changed

It is a steaming hot and lazy Sunday afternoon and I am catching up with things. A subject came to mind that I’ve been interested in writing about for some time. It concerns blogging in America today. Specifically how it has changed over the last several years. Boy, it has changed!

  • Everyone is on the Internet now. It isn’t a semi secret place to write anymore.
  • Search engines are so advanced now that you can start a blog this morning and have readers pissed at you by noon. It is difficult to go unnoticed.
  • People are fired from their jobs every single day because they expressed a personal opinion publicly online.
  • America has become one big group of angry people, and they have no tolerance for free speech.

Back in the early days of blogging, it was sort of a poorly kept secret. Unless you were really into the internet you didn’t read any blogs. And most people knew nothing about the internet. I remember watching a commercial on TV and seeing the first company to offer their web address. I thought that was so cool.

Back then you could say anything you wanted to say online and chances are, no one ever heard you! The web was a baby just learning to stand on it’s wobbly little legs, and it was difficult to get noticed. You had to submit your blog to search engines like “Metacrawler” which was the hottest search engine until something called Google came along.

nofreedomBut, free speech was easy. If someone did find your blog in the corner of the www, they would leave a comment and be done with you. People being fired from their jobs was a rare thing. Unheard of in fact.

Eventually everyone got on the internet. Even my 86 year old mother in law.  Facebook came along, (after myspace) and became in my view the greatest alternative to blogging. It became a blogging platform itself. LinkedIn came along for professional networking.

Now you can start a blog in the morning and have someone screaming at you in the afternoon, upset with your exercise of free speech. By the next day you are fired from your job. Not because you broke any law. Not because you encouraged anyone to break a law. Just for having an opinion.

Today people are getting fired because of exercising their free speech rights every day.  Be it on a blogging platform such as Blogger or WordPress, or on Facebook. Recently a high school principal in North Miami was removed from his position because he expressed a personal opinion in support of police.  A Pembroke Pines city commissioner took heat for a comment he made about Bruce Jenner. (He did not lose his job though.)

If you write something about anything, someone in America is going to disagree with you. Enough to get you fired. Literally everyone  is on the internet now.

I remember the famous South Florida Daily Blog written every day for years by Rick. It evolved out of “Stuck on the Palmetto” which had to close suddenly because Rick’s cover was blown and I guess he had to keep his blogging totally separate  from his job. I remember having some epic “discussions” with Rick there. I truly enjoyed those debates and many times my personal views were successfully challenged. I learned from that experience.

Sadly, Rick had to close down SFDB as he was apparently once again exposed, or was at risk of being exposed. He is back, as we all knew he would be, but this time writing a closed blog at South Florida Daily Blog.  One must be invited to be let in. (Obviously, I have not received an invitation.)

I think it is very sad that people cannot expressed their opinions on their off hours.  SFDB was the best overall blog in South Florida. Now it operates in darkness behind closed doors. The community is the ones who have lost something.

As for me, I have moved to FaceBook as well as several other internet locations. What happened to Rick has made me exercise more care. We all live and work in an environment where freedom of expression is frowned upon. And people are punished if their views do not conform to the approved narratives. I now comment on some websites, news organizations etc, but of course using a fake email address and alias.

I still blog here from time to time, but if you have to measure every word you write to politically sensitive standards, why write?

I have a special handicap in that my real name is extremely unusual. Enter my first and last name in Google and the very first twenty links are me.

Since my views are either far left or far right, I have the ability to piss off pretty much everyone.  My employer, if aware of my posts would indeed have an issue with them. Which is why over the last several months I have been deleting or archiving some of my more risky posts. Hundreds of them have been removed from the blog, and I still have hundreds to go through.

That is what has changed about blogging. The wonderful freedom of expression, the mixing of ideas, is not tolerated in America anymore. Voices are falling silent.

It is a shame.


Self Indulgence

Human Beings have always been arrogant self indulging ass weasels. Rau-og-ga, the first to discover fire pranced about like a circus clown, waving fire over his head until he caught his hair on fire and his friends dumped him head first into the river.  Sadly, they had not discovered the link between air and breathing so Rau expired after the first five minutes under water.

But no one could have predicted that the internet, computers and digital smartphones could propel the entire human race to Olympic levels of self indulgence and ass weaselry.



Evidence number 1) The “Selfie” Stick.

Evidence number 2) Search Amazon for selfie stick and you will see pages and pages of various possibilities. You can view selfie sticks until the cows come home! And even after half of them shower and read the evening paper!

Just try to look up the word “humble” in any modern dictionary. It has been removed. No one had a definition for it anymore.

What selfie stick has been stuck up my butt to get me this riled up? Movie review sites, especially Rotten Tomatoes. Zipping through the 9,732 possible crappy movies on cable to watch, I often would look them up online to try to get an idea about the flick.  I immediately skip the “professional critics” as they define the term Ass Weasel more than most. I would read the audience reviews, thinking I might get a regular person’s take. Good luck. Everyone is a prima donna self indulging chimp. Some of these reviews are longer than the movie script! Don’t these people have jobs? The entire review is an exercise in self importance, how intellectual they can sound.

Everyone wants their own star on the Hollywood walk of fame.

I just want to watch a not so crappy movie.

Some Blogging Guy

Your mileage may vary.
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