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When I was younger I was a left wing Democrat. Gary Hart was my guy. McGovern even.Hell, I voted FOR Bill Clinton in his first term. So, yeah, I was coo-coo-left.

Ever since that Clinton vote, I lived a right wing Republican life. I voted FOR Bush twice.

Now? Today?

Well, I don’t consider myself either of those labels. In fact, I dislike all labels. They divide society.

People are inherently lazy and it is easier to pull a political package off the self and buy it, lock stock and barrel. That is so much easier than thinking for oneself.

Many times I am asked about a particular social issue and my best answer is, “I don’t know.”

The Internet is filled with left wing sites twisting facts their way. And right wing sites twisting facts their way. I now no longer trust anyone. Period.

Where is the rational view? Where is honesty?

Not available on this planet these days, if it ever was.

Just my 2 cents. Your mileage could vary.


Windows 8.1 Touch Screen Tip

I am now using a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablet/laptop and I am loving it. But I learned this tip only recently. To close a program you slide your finger from the top of the screen to the bottom. But, it is not 100% closed of course.  If you really want it closed, exited, ended, you hold your finger on the screen at the bottom of that top to bottom swipe for about five seconds. The icon will then do a little spin and close entirely.

Radio Shack Vanishing

We all know that Radio Shack stores have been dying since the 90’s. But I heard that they are going to vanish entirely soon. Apparently they are closing 50% of their stores and selling the rest to Verizon. Either that or bankruptcy.

Of all the stores that have closed in my lifetime, I will miss Radio Shack the most. Radio Shack is a vibrant part of my childhood and young adult years. I bought my first crystal radio there. I bought wires, diodes, antennas and a host of other stuff you could not find anywhere. And this was really important before the Internet. (Yes, there was life before the Internet!).

I bought my first laptop there! It weighted as much as a small European automobile and was slightly larger, but it was a laptop! A computer you could carry with you, assuming you lifted weights on a regular basis. Granted, the screen was green and the battery lasted about ten minutes, but I had a laptop!

I bought my police scanner from them, the famous Pro-2006. This baby picked up everything frequency except brain waves. This is before trunking and encryption. I listened to Air Force One when it flew into Miami. I listened to the Secret Service communications along the Presidents route. I heard police, aircraft, ships, security guards, all sorts of federal and state agencies and after snipping one small wire inside, opened up even more frequencies, including cordless land lines.

I cannot tell you how many times I had a big box electronics store tell me, “Oh, Radio Shack will have that.” And they did.

What I also liked about Radio Shack was that they were everywhere. Small towns that could not begin to think of even supporting a Walgreens or CVS would have a radio shack stuck in some strip mall.

It is sad to see them go. I do not know of anything that can replace them.


Voting Ballots

There is an election coming up and already some group is pissed off about the election ballot. An article here says that Citizens for Broward’s Children is upset because the three page ballot that Broward County offers to voters is “confusing”.

The child advocacy group is campaigning for voters to approve continued public funding for the children’s counsel, but sued the elections office, saying the question is hidden and needs to be made clearer.


Give me a break already.  I voted early last Sunday and yes, at first I was taken aback because the damn thing was in 17 different languages, including Ebonics and Pig Latin!   But you know what? I have this philosophy, this theory actually, that voting is a tad more important than texting a photo of your hamburger to friends. No, voting is a hell of a lot more important than that, so you know what? Read the damn thing!

Despite my inability to read Creole, Spanish or Ebonics, I was able to quickly determine where the English was located, and discern the pattern of the ballot.  Folks, we ain’t talking algebra here! Hell, we ain’t even talking math of any kind! Just pay the fuck attention, because you are fucking VOTING!!!!!

I swear, Americans are getting dumber and dumber every year.

Your mileage may vary.