Wynwood & a $1,400 Louis Vuitton purse

This story I think might be the poster story to represent Miami. It is that stupid.

The story in a nutshell is that on July 7th 2015  a young rich white woman/girl was strolling through the Wynwood area of Miami with a friend along Northwest 26th Street and Third Avenue when she was approached by a 15 year old black male who  tried to steal the young woman’s  Louis Vuitton purse worth $1,400. The young woman refused to let go of her purse and video captured her being dragged all over the parking lot like a rag doll in a Doberman’s grasp before the black guy jumped in a waiting car and fled, without the purse. Local media played the video all day and all night to boost their ratings.

The real story? Glad that you asked. Wynwood is a fancy high end artsy district built in the middle of one of Miami’s worse slums. Shopping, fine food, art galleries, clubs. Yet, you walk one block out of this district and you have areas the police hesitate to enter. But the social rules in Miami is to hype the area as a new hip place to be seen.  No one tells unsuspecting tourist that you need to exercise caution as you carefully enter and leave the “green zone”,

So, that is the first thing that irks me.  Instead of addressing real problems such as lack of education, gangs, poverty, unemployment, etc., we just agree to ignore it.  If we say something enough times it becomes true, right?

A $1,400 purse!!!!??? What the hell? People a few bocks from Wynwood don’t earn that much in six months, and over one third of the world has little food and water, and this young white girl is walking about with a $1,400 purse!!??  Why? What does a $1,400 purse do?

There are so many shades of stupidity involved in this story that I just can’t grasp them all.

But the video is still online with local media and will be for many days to come.

Just my 2 cents, your mileage may vary.




Police Provoking People!

More protests and chants of Black Lives Matter in St Louis after police serving a warrant saw two armed men flee from the rear of the house and after telling them to stop, one of them turned and pointed a gun at the police, who promptly killed him. The house was pretty notorious and this was not the first search warrant served there. Crack and guns were confiscated.  Instead of the neighbors being relieved that the police have taken several armed violent criminals off their street, they were pissed that the police “provoked” the situation, and did not consider how to “de-escalate” the situation.

“Another youth down by the hands of police,” Dex Dockett, 42, who lives nearby, told a reporter. “What could have been done different to de-escalate rather than escalate?”

“They provoked the situation,” Price, 33, said. “Situations like this make us want to keep the police out of the neighborhood.”

I guess when the police saw the two armed known criminals fleeing, they could have waved at them and shouted, “OK, we’ll see you next time! Have a great day guys!”

Or, when the one stopped and aimed a gun at them they could have tossed their own guns to the ground and then ran away. It is still possible they could have been killed, but there is a chance the situation could have been de-escalated.

Of course, if police stopped serving warrants on criminals and showing up at their home with guns and badges, all designed to provoke them, I am sure the neighbors would be much happier. Forget that there have been robberies and murders on that same street over the last couple of weeks. In fact, one 93 year old black man was car jacked recently.  But I figure he must have done something to provoke these good citizens, right?


Outlook Dysfunction

EN_OutlookConnector-OutOfOfficeMicrosoft Outlook is one of the few things that civilizes the human race. Truly I track the passage of time as BO and AO. (Before Outlook and After Outlook).  Besides an excellent email client it offers tasks and appointments and some excellent features that make life in the corporate and/or non-profit bureaucracy survivable. Yet, there still are some retarded toad gonad licking dumb asses who screw it up.

On a previous post I listed some of the stupid things people do to abuse Outlook. And me. Check it out here

But here is a new list of things NOT to do:

1.  Send out reminders about a meeting, project or task that you want me to complete on the 30th. They send the reminder to my Outlook calendar starting on the 15th and preceding every day up until the 30th! So, you’ve just blocked up my Outlook calendar for two weeks as a reminder!? What the hell? As fast as they send them I decline them. Otherwise my schedule is screwed up from here to Mars. That is NOT what Outlook is designed to do! If you want, you can set the original appointment and ask Outlook to reminder me two days in advance through a popup. Don’t block up my entire schedule for weeks!

2. Assign your administrative assistant to set up your meetings and then when she is on vacation no one can change them. You then have to send emails out to everyone to ignore that meeting on the 10th!

3. Schedule a meeting with 11 other people and then don’t show up!

4. Be a outside sales person who tries to schedule a meeting with me knowing I would rater have toasted muskrats stuffed down the back of my slacks before meeting with them!

5. Attempt to set up an online meeting when none of the meeting recipients have a clue how that works, especially you!

My views. Your mileage may vary.