Under New Management

January 18th, 2014

Greetings! Happy 2014.

Some Blogging Guy is now under new management!

It will take some time for me to clean out the debris left by the last tenant, but I am working feverishly on this task.  The focus of this blog will be science and technology.

Stay tuned please!


- Trad (AKA the New Some Blogging Guy)

Windows 8 “Fix”

October 13th, 2013

About a year ago I purchased a new small laptop that came with Windows 8 installed. The screen was NOT a touch screen, so I had all those Windows 8 tiles blocking the desktop. And no Start button.

What the hell????

Windows 8 seem to run faster and smoother than my old Windows 7, but then again the laptop was faster too. But I had this Windows 8 crap on my screen!

It felt like Windows 7 was wearing a raincoat!

How the hell do I rid it of it’s useless raincoat?

My wife to rescue!  She told me about Classic Shell, a free software that takes the raincoat off of Windows 8 and provides you with a Start button and all the old classic functions!


I am sure there are others, but I installed this and now it is so much easier using my Windows 8 laptop!


Some Blogging Guy

iGoogle Replacements

October 11th, 2013

Those of you who have been using iGoogle as your start or home page need a new home soon. Google is retiring iGoogle November 1st.

iGoogle was more than just a page of bookmarks. News feeds, podcasts, weather, stock quotes and plenty of other live at a glance features right there all in one place.

Why is Google killing iGoogle? I don’t know and don’t care. Google is synonymous with the NSA as far as I am concerned, so I stopped using them over a year ago. Their CEO has stated several times that a citizen’s right to personal privacy is an old fashion concept to be discarded. But for those of you who need a replacement for iGoogle, here are a few of the top contenders. I suggest you review their privacy agreements.

igHome seems to be one of the most popular replacements.

Protopage is next.






Startific (Just a collection of links)

Symbaloo (A better collection of links)

All My Faves (Collection of icon links)

Portal Panel (Bookmarks)

Good luck with your switch.



Update on Poor Penny Carson

April 28th, 2013

I’ve updated my post from last year, please go read it and see the new photos.

Poor Penny Carson


Some Blogging Guy

Seeek Beauty in all possible forms

March 14th, 2013

Today I could bitch about the government, or bitch about gigantic corporations as well as traffic, road construction, my stupid employer or any number of things. Instead, I am seeking beauty any way possible with whatever camera i sat my fingertips

The sheer act of seeking beauty alters the 8 tracks in your brain, yanking out the stressed out bitching tune for a searching art type tune. Instead of thinking over and over about things that make me angrier than a recently bathed cat, I am now enjoying colors and shapes and images,  seeking beauty!

Try it.











Some Blogging Guy

My New Favorite Blog

March 7th, 2013

This guy is good. After reading just a few of his blog posts I am ready to hang up my keyboard. Just so I have more time to read his blog, Lowering the Bar.

Some Blogging Guy

The Key to a Good Keyboard

March 1st, 2013

When I was about 16 years old I bought myself an Underwood typewriter that looked similar to this:  underwood-typewriter

I paid about $25 dollars for it I think.  I taught myself how to type. It took some time, but in a few years I was using two fingers on each hand and hitting speeds of 40 words per minute. Later in college I hit over 60 words per minute, spelling almost all of them correctly.

I kept that typewriter for several years. Eventually I moved on to an actual electric typewriter. Years later while working in the banking industry I became proficient on the world famous IBM Selectric typewriter. But the first few years of typing was done on that 40 ton Underwood.  The metal keys, the long reach, man you had to pound that machine with most of your strength. “Touch Typing”? More like “Pound it” typing. To this day the muscles I developed in my fingers typing on that thing allows me to lift entire freight trains with one finger.

Today, I needed to purchase a new keyboard for one of my computers. This is what I was using:  OLDKEYBOARD

As you can see, it is a standard cheap plastic keyboard. The arrow keys are embedded into the number keys, and the keyboard is almost totally silent. Quiet, soft barely even moving keys. Yuck.

I needed the arrow keys separate from the numbered keys, and I need a  noisy keyboard. I learned to type hitting real solid metal keys. These plastic keyboards hardly last me six months.

So, off to CompUSA I went, which was bought by Tiger Direct when CompUSA died. I had about 73,000 models to choose from, ranging in price from $9.99 to several hundred dollars. They had more keyboards than Lindsay Lohan has DUIs.

keyboards2I swear I must have spent the better part of 45 minutes testing and pounding on keyboards. Some sales kid came over to offer me help, but when I tried to explain to the lad manual typewriters the weight of Volkswagens I lost him. He just pulled down a $400 keyboard that was the size of  a surfboard, had over 400 keys and buttons and sliders, lights that that lit up and I think a special USB port for a George Foreman grill.

I told him I couldn’t see myself buying a keyboard that cost more than my first car. He smiled and wandered off.

After another fifteen minutes I had narrowed my choices down to three keyboards, ranging in price from 9.99 to $40 bucks. I was not pleased with any of them.   That is when an old sales guy showed up. He wasn’t as old as me, but old enough to at least remember manual typewriters.  He knew what people like me wanted, which was a heavy keyboard, not all plastic, with real keys that traveled to connect, and keys that made enough noise that you knew you were typing!

He pulled a Vengeance K60 gaming keyboard off the top shelf. I told him I wasn’t a gamer and did not want to spend a hundred dollars. He persisted though, and after he took it out of the box and let me slam a few keys I was hooked. Hell, this one even had metal in it’s construction! Aluminum, not steel, but sure a lot better than those wimpy plastic keyboards. It is for gamers who use keys mostly, as the keys have mechanical switches or connections.  And they are durable. But despite it being a gamer keyboard, there was little to it other than keys. It did have some video/audio control buttons but they were out of the way and I could ignore them.  Not fancy LED lights, no weird shape and nothing else to it. The sales person told me he has been selling these keyboards to writers and businessmen who were my age and longed for the solid sound of typewriter keys.

I bought it. I am typing on it now and I am enjoying the sound and the feel so much I am stretching this blog post out as long as I can.

Wow. I love this keyboard.


What an awesome keyboard. For old guys such as myself.


Some Blogging Guy



Sky Map App

January 19th, 2013

My daughter, who is enrolled in an Astronomy class in college in Oregon, send me this app. It works on most platforms and is one of the best star gazing apps I’ve seen.

Download it here or check your appropriate app store.


Screen Shot:




Some Blogging Guy