Two Gangster System

One of these days Americans hopefully will understand that the political party system is rigged and a fake, designed to keep the same people in office for decades. The “parties” are like mafia gangs, battling for control.

Open your eyes America! There is no such thing as “Conservatives” or “Liberals”! It is all a fake!

Until we dismantle the party system the mechanics of government will continue to be corrupt and broken.


Voting Ballots

There is an election coming up and already some group is pissed off about the election ballot. An article here says that Citizens for Broward’s Children is upset because the three page ballot that Broward County offers to voters is “confusing”.

The child advocacy group is campaigning for voters to approve continued public funding for the children’s counsel, but sued the elections office, saying the question is hidden and needs to be made clearer.


Give me a break already.  I voted early last Sunday and yes, at first I was taken aback because the damn thing was in 17 different languages, including Ebonics and Pig Latin!   But you know what? I have this philosophy, this theory actually, that voting is a tad more important than texting a photo of your hamburger to friends. No, voting is a hell of a lot more important than that, so you know what? Read the damn thing!

Despite my inability to read Creole, Spanish or Ebonics, I was able to quickly determine where the English was located, and discern the pattern of the ballot.  Folks, we ain’t talking algebra here! Hell, we ain’t even talking math of any kind! Just pay the fuck attention, because you are fucking VOTING!!!!!

I swear, Americans are getting dumber and dumber every year.

Your mileage may vary.








Despite m





Father Government Knows Best

Wow, I hate to get into politics especially since I have already given up on this planet, but this story from the UK just sends chills down my leg.

Hundreds of thousands of people drinking half a bottle of wine a night are to be put on the first ever drug to help reduce alcohol consumption, under plans announced by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence.

Essentially they are talking about two tall glasses of wine an evening.

I’m not much of a drinker myself, maybe a Dewars once every month or so, but why can’t government just leave people alone? Maybe it is the government that is pissing off people so much this is why they drink? And come on, eating a bowl of ice cream a night is far more unhealthy than wine! Is the government going to monitor everything you eat and watch on TV and read and think? For your own good?


This is what the government health care system is doing in the UK and I bet it is already on its way here.








Old Camera – Mystery Film


I bought this old camera for a few bucks and discovered old undeveloped film inside.

The camera was made until 1957 but the film was made until around 2,000 or later I think. But it is no longer manufactured or developed by Kodak. Only a few special labs will develop it, and only in black and white.

I wonder what is on the film?




Argus Camera and Film

What to blog about…

For a decade I blogged almost every day about anything in the news that caught my eye and attention. I had an opinion on everything. I still do, only all those years of blogging made me realize swapping opinions (and in some cases insults) with others accomplished exactly nothing. Usually it just riled me up more, and who needs that? I realized that 99% of people are not interested in listening to an argument in order to determine if it is valid. They just wanted to yell back at me. So, no one was being changed by my babbling. I’ll be honest and say I rarely changed my opinion about a subject too. 

I still have opinions, about the Ferguson Riots, about the Ukraine, Russia, Middle East as well as numerous political and social issues.  But seriously, who really wants to hear them and for what worthwhile purpose? Just a waste of time.

Maybe blogging is dead as people have been reporting for many years. Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and other social media creations have taken over.

Or maybe it is me. Maybe I just don’t care anymore? I have realized that America as I envisioned it my entire life is dead, buried and gone. Whatever country I am living in now is the Post America version. The constitution is out of style and people can’t figure out their own genders.  Like in this story.  Mills College in Oakland is and has been an all female College since the 1800’s. However, they have changed their policy so that the following people could apply for admissions:

– Applicants “not assigned to the female sex at birth” but who self-identify as women are welcome.

– Applicants “who do not fit into the gender binary” – being neither male nor female – are eligible if they were “assigned to the female sex at birth.”

So, this historical women’s college will let men in so long as they think they are women. Or, women who are so confused that they cannot figure out what sex they are.

The VP for enrollment and admissions actually had the nerve to state, “The purpose of the policy is that we didn’t want students to feel excluded in the application process,”

Unless you are a male who thinks you are a male of course. Those bastards can’t apply!

When the world is this crazy, why waste any time or energy blogging about it?





Running out of gas…..

I have worked at the same place closing on 22 years. I have held the same position for the last 16 years. I think I am burning out.

I stopped caring years ago and I struggle daily to keep my work at the peak performance required. Not easy when you have 25 people  in your department you are responsible for.

I am constantly second guessing myself, asking myself if I am working as hard and creative as a 28 year old would. You know, someone who is fresh out of college and eager to conquer the world. Someone filled with pure energy and confidence.

Someone who is like  I was, about 16 years ago.

The sheer redundancy of managing people, dealing with the same personal issues over and over, going through the same paperwork, seeing the same faces even, is almost painful.

It no longer interests me.

My industry has been decimated by the Obama administration with red tape for the red tape. I sometimes feel I work for the government these days.

Yet, I have a great job. I earn a very good living. I have a huge corner office. (Granted it is only on the second floor….). I am not near retirement yet, but old enough to just not care anymore. A dangerous period. 

So, day after day I slug through the hours, trying my best to imagine a 28 year old sitting next to me, ready to take my job. I try to stay even with him/her.


But Mondays I just cannot do it.





Choking Teens

Another example of the de-evolution of American society is the hot trend among teens in America to choke themselves until they pass out. Supposedly it gives you a sort of high feeling right before your head hits the ground. Yes, many have died from this.

How stupid is this generation?

That stupid!



“Important” Actors???


The Stupid Sentinel today offers this above.

I cannot for the life of me comprehend any situation where anyone in the entertainment industry could possible be considered “important”. Entertaining perhaps, but important? Not unless they were donating an organ or doing something unrelated to their entertainment career.

My 2 cents, your mileage may vary.