You know, for a group that is less than 5% of the American population, why is it that this subject is number one? Nearly every television show has at least one gay character. Usually serving the only purpose in the plot  of being gay.  Coming out is the coolest thing someone can do. Honestly, I am tired of it. Can we get a national holiday, just one day where we don’t promote homosexuality? One day where we can be free of gayness?

When I was very young I read the Archie comic books. Mostly for his girlfriends. But I enjoyed them.

Now, according to news reports, Archie dies. That is bad enough, but he dies taking a bullet for……his gay friend. Yes, of course he does.

It won’t be long before Superman becomes Gayman, with a pink and purple cape.  No doubt there will be a new version of the bible one of these days, with Jesus being gay.

I am sick of this topic. I am all gayed out.

Just my opinion, your mileage may vary.