I’m Gayed Out

You know, for a group that is less than 5% of the American population, why is it that this subject is number one? Nearly every television show has at least one gay character. Usually serving the only purpose in the plot  of being gay.  Coming out is the coolest thing someone can do. Honestly, I am tired of it. Can we get a national holiday, just one day where we don’t promote homosexuality? One day where we can be free of gayness?

When I was very young I read the Archie comic books. Mostly for his girlfriends. But I enjoyed them.

Now, according to news reports, Archie dies. That is bad enough, but he dies taking a bullet for……his gay friend. Yes, of course he does.

It won’t be long before Superman becomes Gayman, with a pink and purple cape.  No doubt there will be a new version of the bible one of these days, with Jesus being gay.

I am sick of this topic. I am all gayed out.

Just my opinion, your mileage may vary.



  1. “I am all gayed out.” Agreed. I don’t mind gay people at all, but I would prefer that they keep it to themselves and not tell all of their hetersexual friends about their escapades. For example, I always knew Liberace was gay, but he was one heck of a piano player and never mentioned his gay-ness which would have done nothing for his career and certainly did not affect his artistry (although many gay folks ARE big in the arts). The other thing is that, yes, I do think they are born that way. I cannot imagine anything else.

  2. sbg

    I am with you Steve. Who cares if someone is straight, gay or whatever. Do we have to hear about it all the time? It is literally everywhere.

  3. Well, I had not heard of the Archie business until tonight when it was on the NATIONAL NEWS. Those folks at CBS really know what’s important to put in the news. Of course they made a big deal about Archie taking a bullet for his gay friend. The figures I found say that homosexuals make up less than 3% of the population, but they sure get a lot of publicity.

  4. Mike S

    I wish i knew how they get all the publicity. I would use it to speak out against the NSA. Let the NSA tap everything we own. No one cares. but gay pride is all over the news.

  5. When I read about Archie, I was appalled. It had nothing to do with someone BEING gay, but that somehow there had to be martyrdom involved.

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