Funny Domain Names

I worked ten hours today at the Stupid Factory and then fought traffic on I-95 and the Florida Turnpike so wasn’t in the best of moods upon my arrival at home. But….I accidentally stumbled upon some web sites that talk about blogging and the Internet, and how important it is to be careful picking out your domain name and after fifteen minutes of laughing I felt loads better. You may too!

Yes, you may have seen these before, there are several web sites that display them, but what the heck. If I get one person to chuckle then my job is completed for today.

These are real folks, I checked them myself.

They actually do something with plumbing…I mean, pipes and such….in a house!

No, it isn’t speed 0 fart. It is speed of art…..

Go Tahoe. People see “got a hoe?”

Who Represents dot com. Looks like a place though, to purchase gifts for hookers…

The American Heart Association should have thought better of the following:

Yeah, suppose to be “go red for women”, but not so sure that is what guys see…..

I can’t even visit this page, because all I see is WTF! The World Taekwondo Federation is

Hmmm…dollar sex change……no, wait – dollars exchange! A currency site.

I like music as much as the next guy, but not too sure about…

And this one is a really unfortunate choice for a company that sells pens….

Yeah, Pen Island. Winter Sex Press??? No, wait… Winters Express…

Dick sells lumber…..but doesn’t pick domain names very well….Dick Slumber?

Anyway, hope you got a chuckle out of one of these…..

Some Blogging Guy

6 thoughts on “Funny Domain Names

  1. My absolute fav were speed o fart . . . mp3 shits and gored for women . . .too funny. I laughed the hardest at the speed o fart (just how fast can you fart????) and mp3 shits . . . . .I needed that!

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