Route 27

Took a ride to Lake Placid via Route 27 today. The wife got behind the wheel on the way home and blasted her Billy Joel tunes so loud gators were sticking their heads in the muck. I was bored so played with the weird settings on my camera and randomly pointed the camera out the window.

Seems to me they could clean up the sugar refining process, but do I know?

I like this one, Don’t know why.  I may just print out the original, frame it and hang it on my office wall.

I was so bored I even snapped a self portrait.

When you get really tired and totally bored, you start looking for the first sign that you are back in your own neck of the woods. Or swamp. It is when you can just barely make out the Hockey Stadium. And the stupid condo they built behind it. I wonder if there was someone on the top floor with binos looking at me?

Happy Sunday folks.

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